GZN with headphones
"Creativity and inspiration are leading my productions. Every track is a reflection of a creative journey."

Blurring the Borders

The musical sphere being travelled by GZN spans from hip-hop tracks with an early 90’s influence, over contemporary beats to electronic pieces of vast synth soundscapes layered with gritty bass, at times reaching the shores of soft, chilly lounge vibes. Blurring the borders in between, some tracks with this fresh sonic palette can fall into more than one genre.
The common denominator to this versatile approach manifests as saturated, heavy textures with a touch of melancholy.

A Balanced Split

Two hearts are beating inside GZN. There's the artist's heart drawn to expressing creative flow and discovering tracks experimentally as part of a journey rather than designing them at the drafting table. And there's the systematic producer's heart with affinity to detail, precision and perfectionism that likes to put things in order and balance.
From the interplay of these sometimes opposing qualities emerges an interesting and characteristic style of production that is refreshingly different.

As a critical investigator, GZN favors to learn from experience and challenge conventions rather than following along the beaten track "just because".

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