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All tracks are available as stripped down mixes (i.e. without lead/drums/fx) and as individual stems of the main instrumental groups.

    Electronic Hip-Hop Pop RnB
  • Above the Flow

    Jumping Sub-Bas, Chopped Synth Lines
    Hip-Hop | 02:08
  • The Hallway

    Drawn-out synth strings, Marching Drums, Melancholic Piano
    Hip-Hop | 03:28
  • Creatures in the Night

    Starting reserved and dubious these creatures develop into gritty roaring little...
    Electronic | 03:11
  • Caught in da Trap

    Punchy trap beat with nice build-up thick drops. Synth lead loop
    Hip-Hop / Trap | 03:42
  • Marvel at the Stars

    Boom-Bap style Hip-Hop beat with soulful vibe.Piano gets introduced throughout t...
    Hip-Hop / Boom-Bap | 03:37
  • Out of Orbit

    Bass-heavy trap beat backed by a filtered synth lead building into an epic wide ...
    Hip-Hop / Trap | 03:02
  • Subway Rider

    Popping Drums, Swirling Atmospheric Synths, Ad-libs
    Hip-Hop / Trap | 02:46
  • Drift

    Steadily building Hip Hop beat with piano melody in the chorus underplayed by sl...
    Hip-Hop | 03:02
  • Stars Collide

    Soft and cosy RnB piano samples going bright in the chorus. Melancholic/longing ...
    RnB | 03:02
  • Deep Dive

    Moving Sub Bass, Subliminal Synth Atmosphere, Popping Drums
    RnB / Hip-Hop | 04:17
  • Nothing Good Comes Easy (Instr)

    Groovy Pop track with waving synths
    Pop | 02:32
  • Free Riding

    Edgy underground beat for fast and furious raps. The verses are driven by an ang...
    Hip-Hop / Underground | 02:27
  • Early Riser

    Old-School piano samples mixed with orchestral strings. Bridge contains scratche...
    Hip-Hop | 03:31
  • High Watermark

    Hip-Hop / Boom-Bap | 04:02